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Density@ 20 deg C Kg/m3 0 0,870 Colour 2,0 Flash point, PMCC deg C ( ºC ) 57 62 Kinematic viscosity @20 deg C CST 3,0 6,0 Pour point deg C ( ºC ) (*) -10,0 Cloud point deg C ( ºC ) (*) -5,0 Mercaptan sulphur 0,004
Aviation kerosene colonial grade JP54
Russian aviation kerosene sales on both fob and cif bases
About Us and Our Professional Field

South Russian Oil Refinery is widely known for its state-of-the-art processing facilities involved in collection, storage and shipment of an extensive array of refinery products. The demand of the products processed here increases globally with each passing year. And, so does our responsibilities as a manufacturer and exporter of different products used in the oil refinery plants and other application areas. For instance, automobile industry, engineering sector, automotive industry, chemical industry, etc. The products we deal in includes Industrial Fuel Oil, Hydrocarbon Fraction, Industrial Solvent, Kerosene Fraction and more. Each of these is carefully processed, keeping in view, all the standards laid by the industry.

Modern Oil Refinery

The industrial engineering includes different products and services including treatment plants, thermal power stations, repair facility, water wells, etc., to render trouble free refinery operations.

Our Refinery

The factory we own has a combination of different industrial units such as:

  • Some auxiliary units including boiler room, factory management building, fire station for two vehicles, laboratory, artesian wells, etc.
  • Railway track possessing an overpass for discharging oil and loading other products.
  • Oil tank park for feeding petroleum and storing other oil products.
  • UPN 250 unit that is also the main technological unit.
  • Some other technologial pumping units.
  • Overpass for cars to load oil product.

Environmental Care

Caring about our environment is the first thing that we focus on. And, for this, we aim at comply our work process with all the environment safety standards. Ecological unit of our oil refinery make use of specialized laboratory for monitoring the ecological state of the environment, waste waters and ground water. This ensures we make optimum use of all the resources available to us for producing our range of Industrial Fuel Oil and Industrial Solvent.


For the buyers of oil refineries, we have documented a special contract in which we initially get the approval of nomenclature, product quality and their prices. Then, the buyer sends an application mentioning his or her shipping details along with registration certificate with tax authority, registration certification showing legal entity, etc.


We are an expert of performing operations like raw material preparation, primary oil distillation, coking, hydrocracking, catalytic reforming, etc.

  • Primary processing-Distillation: When the liquid petroleum is heated in a distillation column, different fractions are allocated from the oil according to different temperature.
  • Secondary processing-Cracking: This process is performed by chemical catalytic or thermal decomposition of primary oil products.
  • Hydrotreating: In this process, hydrogenation catalysts are used to obtain process gases that are then cleaned for recovering Hydrogen Sulfide.
  • Preparation of finished products: All the products including technical oils are divided into various grades according to their chemical composition. This entire process is known as blending or compounding.
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